''Homeopathy is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically and non-violently.''      Mahatma Gandhi










Why choose Homeopathy?

Many of us are reluctant to use over-the-counter or conventional medicine.Homeopathy provides a natural alternative and is an investment into the future health of you and your family.

Many people who have regular treatment find they have more energy, better sleep quality and are less susceptible to ailments and stress.

Just not feeling quite right?

Homeopathy is an excellent choice when no diagnosis is found, but you know something is wrong.

By looking at the whole person the Homeopath matches all the symptoms of the patient to the remedy.

This means that two people with the same disease may well need a different remedy.

Remedies work by stimulating the body's own healing ability, encouraging healing from within, restoring balance and health.Homeopathy uses remedies made from minerals, plants and animals.

The remedies are diluted and contain only tiny micro doses of the energy of the original substance.


How is Homeopathy different?


Conventional Medicine broadly speaking looks at disease and the human body as a highly sophisticated machine, which can succumb to injury, infection or degeneration.

As a result a good deal of effort is put into finding ways of combatting these problems by refining surgery to replace joints, perfecting surgical techniques and researching medication.


As a rule conventional medicine treats the symptoms and not the underlying problem. Hence the ongoing need for continued medication.Unfortunately long term medication can lead to unwanted side-effects, which can further undermine our overall quality of health.


Homeopathy is a holistic form of medicine taking into account the whole person.Health is the absence of disease, referring to health as positive, dynamic and therefore much more than an absence of health.

Homeopathy helps the in-built capacity of the body to heal itself. Remedies are the stimuli that encoure  the body to do this efficiently.


The human body performs miracles every day, every hour, every second in order to survive,  it continually defends itself against bacteria, virusses, poisons, allergens, environmental stresses and the innumerable seen and unseen influences that attack it.


The body is sophisticated and creates a fever and inflammation to burn out invading germs and isolate foreign substances. It develops nasal discharge to help excrete dead viruses and dead white blood cells.

It uses pain to draw attention to an injured or diseased part that needs to be rested or treated.


The body knows precisely how to fight disease and heal injuries.

However it will not win every battle with infection, nor adapt to every environmental insult.

It will not effectively withstand every new stress.


A person's symptoms represents his body's best efforts to defend and heal itself. Hence treatments that focus on the symptoms will temporarily relieve the symptoms, but not the underlying disease.

Often symptoms return more intensely or the disease goes deeper.


Homeopathy recognises the body's ability to heal itself and supports this with the use of remedies.Remedies.

Homeopathy uses remedies made from small substances from plants, minerals and animals to stimulate the body's own defenses.

The Homeoapthic treatment for the common cold provides a useful example.

One of the common Homeopathic remedies for a cold is Allium Cepa, made from the common onion.

Because onions make your nose run and your eyes tear, the remedy Allium Cepa  can aid the body in flushing out the cold virus by working with the already runny nose and tearing eyes, hereby speeding up recovery.


Whereas the usual medication for colds bought over the counter dry up the mucous membrane and temporarily suppresses the cold and delay the recovery.

Each cold and infection strengthens the immune system.

However frequent colds and swollen glands are a sign your immune system is not coping.


Colds are a good way of getting rid of toxins that have built up in our body.

Allium Cepa is not the only remedy that is used for colds.


An important part of Homeopathic medication is that the symptoms of a cold in one person can be entirely or slightly  different from those in another person.

One of the reasons Homeopathic remedies are considered safe is because a small amount of substance is used, which is then diluted in distilled water-usually one part of the substance to nine parts water-the entire solution is then vigorously shaken.

This process is repeated several times. According to the law of physics after such a number of dilutions no molecules of the original substance is left.

Yet over the last 200 years Homeopaths have observed that the more the substance is diluted (potentised) the stronger and longer the remedy acts.It is this potentisation and dilution that creates the controversy surrounding Homeopathy.


Sceptics attack this concept, saying that small doses without  molucules can  not possibly have an effect. Most of these sceptics have never used Homeopathy let alone be aware of the basic principles of Homeopathy.

Admittedly it is difficult to understand how such small doses can have such powerful effects, however an intense amount of clinical and personal experience have verified the effectiveness.

Have a look at the heading links where you can find some studies done on the effectiveness of Homeopathy.

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