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 Natasha;    '' I have visited Gertine for many years now for various different reasons. Originally I was recommended to Gertine because I was suffering with terrible IBS that no doctor could help me with. Not only did Gertine completely cure my IBS, she then went on to help me with many other issues such as anxiety, depression, self confidence, years of ear infections, abscesses, the list goes on! She helped me not only with things I thought only medication could cure but she helped me through my darkest times and gave me the strength I needed. My family members have also visited Gertine and have never been disappointed. Huge thank you for everything you’ve done for me, I will always be recommending you and praising you for doing such a wonderful job.''


Fiona;    ''My Daughter had chronic asthma for most of her life. Conventional medicine could only partly control the symptoms. She was still having attacks at least one monthly or as many as three a week. She was so pale and not able to do sport very well and was under sized for her age. Life was not to good for her. I decided to go and see Gertine Livermore to see if homeopathy could help her. I was amazed at the results. She now no longer has asthma. She saw Gertine for two years and she is definately a different girl now. Full of life and does not only do one sport but many. I am so glad I took her. Gertine has also helped my other daughter and myself and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking an excellent Homeopath.  We have all received remarkable results where conventional medicine has failed us. The greatest result was for my younger daughter. She was an asthmatic.  I would recommend Gertine as Homeopath.''

J O-D;      '' I initially sought Gertine’s help for a serious Angieoedema condition around my eyes, having exhausted other conventual avenues of antihistamines and steroids, without success.  Through homeopathy my swellings have now been reduced from a monthly occurrence to once every six months or so.

Gertine has also helped me with managing frequent occurring Migraines, heavy periods and digestive issues, all of which I am aware can be treated with conventional medicines, homeopathy, however does not display the side effects.

Homeopathy has been a way of life since childhood, growing up in Germany my GP would in most cases seek a homeopathic remedy first, often with significant and lasting effects.

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