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The duration of treatment depends on the individuals reaction to remedies, the ilness or situation you are dealing with, together with the history and duration of the problem.

     This also depends upon your energy levels as this is the energy that helps you get better.
If you have been unwell for a number of years it will take longer.
It is possible to say that a slowly developing complaint, or one that has been experienced for some years, will not disappear immediatly, although there may be a response and some improvement quite soon.

Acute or recently aquired complaints get better more quickly.

Homeopathy improves health from the inside, and often outer symptoms such as skin complaints, are the last to clear.

In the long term it is much better for you to be cured of both the cause and its symptoms, rather than merely relieving or suppressing the symptoms.

Be patient! 

Regular 6 monthly visits to you Homeopath will enhance and maintain your health and well being.



''Homeopathy is beyond doubt safer and more economical and most complete medical science''.  Mahatma Gandhi


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