''Homeopathy is beyond doubt safer and more economical and most complete medical science''.  Mahatma Gandhi








To book and appointment call 07719 442985



An appointment takes about an hour during which a detailed case history is taken, looking at your current health problems as well as past health issues and family health traits.


Appointments are available Monday to Wednesday between 9am and 5pm.

Some evening and saturday appointments are available on request.


 On-line Consultations are also available

Online Homeopathy Consultations are an easy way for those living far away or too busy or not able to see a Homeopath near where they live or while saving time off from work.

When you book an appointment, let me know you want this to be a on-line appointment and I will schedule a zoom appointment with you. You will be sent an invite, save it in your calender. Payment for the appointment is made prior to that appointment, I will email you a health questionnaire for you to complete and return to me. Once the appointment has finished I send you the remedies with clear instructions.

Please find a quiet space so we can do the virtual appointment without interruptions.

I will provide email support until the next appointment. Clients living abroad will be given details of a Homeopathy Pharmacy in their country from which to order prescribed remedies (not included in price)

A Follow up appt in a month will be arranged for a mutually convenient time

Try it, it's easy.

During the appointment you will be asked specific questions about your condition and your general health, how the condition is affecting you, and what makes the condition better or worse.

All information is strictly confidential.


 A follow up, a month later, will be arranged to monitor your condition as necessary.

What about seeing your GP?

I recommend that you maintain your relationship with your GP.

Do not stop any of your medication, Homeopathy treatment may well allow you to reduce medication, but this is always under  supervision of your GP.

Your GP will be able to arrange any bloodtests or X-ray or any other investigation which may be necessary.

Homeopathy has a different Philosophy but working together with your GP in this way, the two health systems can provide a complimentary service.

Each consultation including remedies costs £70 payable at the consultation either by card, cash or cheque.

Missed appointments or cancellations less than 24 hours prior to that appointment will incur a charge.

Homeopathic First Aid treatment

Is  available  and is conducted by phone or e-mail.

First Aid consultations can be for any thing that one has not had for a long time and if left would eventually resolve, but may take a while.

First Aid Treatment  is conducted by a 10 mins phone call or e-mail and costs £30 including remedies .

Various Health Insurance Companies now accept Homeopathy as an alternative and very effective way of improving your health and will re-imbourse you the full or part cost of the consultation.

 HSA 08720 425454 -Healthsure 0800 1696989 - Best Health 0207 2021390- HSF 0207 9286662

Corporate Clinic: 
For several years I have run a clinic at a multi-national company, should you wish to have this as one of your employee benefits, please call to discuss this.

By phone: 07719 442985 weekdays

E-mail: GertineL@gmail.com